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Our Sectors of Focus

We partner with unrecognized waste workers to provide them access to
financial literacy training, credit, and public programs.

India’s formal waste management system is overwhelmed, resulting in ever-expanding landfills and critical services gaps. The ability of informal workers to increase recycling and fill these gaps is regularly overlooked and undervalued, reinforcing inefficient waste management practices that threaten the health of communities and the environment.

Krishna’s Story

“My aim has always been to make something out of my life but I had not had an opportunity, until now”

The Circular Economy

Current economic models contribute to climate change, leading to extensive environmental degradation that hampers growth, harms public health, and perpetuates systemic poverty.

Our Approach

We make market systems more accessible by catalysing change at the entrepreneur and market levels.

Our other areas of focus


Creating market linkages to strengthen livelihoods and climate resilience.


Helping communities prosper through access to and use of energy.