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Our Approach

How We Engage

Entrepreneur Level

Business Training

Build the capacity of local entrepreneurs to manage and grow their businesses


Financial Inclusion

Facilitate use of formal financial services, including loans, credit lines, and checking and savings accounts

Technology Access

Promote access to training on business-relevant technology and equipment

Market Level

Inclusive Markets

Build bridges between underserved communities and the local economy

Collaborative Impact

Partner with key organisations to institutionalise and scale impact both within and across communities


Knowledge Sharing

Form partnerships with key organisations and groups to further project impact

Entrepreneur Level



Loan Guarantees

Overcomes entrepreneurs’ collateral constraints.

Business Financing

Provides equity, debt, credit lines, and lease-to-own options to meet entrepreneurs’ specific financing needs.

Buy - Back Agreement

Reduces risk for financing institutions, encouraging local lending.


Expanded Options

Promotes the use of new or existing technology and equipment combinations.

Increased Productivity

Provides training on equipment for efficiency gains/productivity.

Service and Maintenance

Ensures that technology and equipment continue to operate.


Market Linkages

Helps entrepreneurs develop viable business concepts.

Hands - on Training and Mentoring

Equips entrepreneurs to manage and grow their businesses.

Market Linkages

Connects businesses’ products and services with local markets.

Market Level


For Inclusive Markets

Mainstream Economy Connections

Creates incentives, reduces costs, mitigates risk to enable more business partnerships and transactions.

Improved Economic Opportunity

Promotes decent work and creates employment and other income opportunities for marginalized communities.

New Products and Services

Increases availability to affordable and previously inaccessible products and services.

Collaborative Impact

Collective Resources

Increases and varies support for broader impact.

Institutionalized Solutions

Ensures program sustainability through incorporation of local stakeholders.

Diverse Perspectives

Promotes multiple viewpoints and expertise to generate more effective solutions.

Knowledge Sharing

Best Practices

Exchanges effective methods to improve project outcomes.

Convened Stakeholders

Enables productive dialogues around collaborative solutions.

Challenged Conventions

Propels/pushes innovations to ensure progress on development challenges.

Who We Work With

Community Partners

Grassroots organisations, community-based organisations, non-profits, non-governmental organisations.

Business Partners

Small businesses, social enterprises, equipment and technology suppliers.

Financing Partners

Banks, lending cooperative, leasing companies, crowdfunding platforms.

Government Partners

National, state and local departments, ministries and agencies.