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We build the capacity of entrepreneurs to close the energy access gap in their communities through clean technology and innovative business models.

Access to energy is critical for economic prosperity, educational opportunity, and environmental stewardship. By extending access to electricity and other energy services through increasing technology and financing options to these entrepreneurs, their communities can become more productive, generate income, and reach their full potential

Manjula’s Story

“I had an 11 lakh ($17,500) loan to pay for my husband’s hospital fees. I paid it all back from the income from the batteries.”

Our Approach

We make market systems more accessible by catalysing change at the entrepreneur and market levels.

From the Field

Poverty Alleviation, Needed Interventions and Clean Energy Access: A Few Perspectives
by By Russell J. deLucia, PhD., S3IDF — Innovation Director & Principal Founder

Concept Brief #1: Technology Buy-Back Agreements by Elizabeth Friend

Stories from the Field: Ilka