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We provide smallholder farmers and cooperatives with access to finance, training and equipment.

Smallholder/small and marginal farmers play an essential role in driving forward India’s economy and growth. Despite cultivating nearly 85% of the viable land in the country, these farmers are disproportionately vulnerable to the effects of climate change, market shifts, and other production risks. Too often, these farmers fall through the cracks unable to access the services they need to increase their incomes and prosper.

Small Farm Livelihoods

Bridging service gaps and improving agricultural value chains for stakeholders

Our Approach

We make market systems more accessible by catalysing change at the entrepreneur and market levels.

Our Work with Collectives

From the Field

Sector Update: Milling Success for Farmers by Harvinder Kaur

Sector Update: Growing Resilient Farmer Livelihoods with Chaff Cutters by Emma Marks

The Grain Diaries: A High Stakes Battle for Stomach Space by Julia Bunte Mein